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  • How to Set Expectations When Working With A Food Consultant

    I can't stress enough the importance of setting clear expectations for employees, vendors, and partners to: 1) avoid unnecessary problems and 2) lay the foundation for the potential to EXCEED expectations. The same principles apply when hiring a food service consultant.
  • Sell Your Food Business: The Importance of Creating an Exitable Company

    The worst time to plan for an exit is when you want out, the economy tanks, or your growth stalls. I am confident that if I would have ran my business from DAY 1 as if I were exiting, the timeline to my ultimate exit would have been cut in half.
  • 3 Signs it's Time to Hire a Food Consultant

    Don’t expect consultants to give you all the answers, instead use them as a tool to expand your ability to create your own answers. You can maximize your success with a consultant by knowing when it’s the right time to bring them on board and when it’s not.