Using Metrics in a Food Business: What Gets Measured Gets Done

I once had a colleague say during a meeting in defense of metrics and goal setting: “what gets measured gets done.”

I thought that was a great sentiment to share with our team, especially since we have a couple of managers that are less comfortable with data and need extra encouragement to accept metric tracking with open arms. Then my stomach turned when he added, “it’s like a phenomenon, if you track this stuff, sooner or later you start to see the numbers change.”

Using metrics in food service, drive results with data

My colleague had the misunderstanding that tracking metrics in and of itself is enough to get results in your organization. This is not true; you still have to do the work.

What metrics can do for your team is to identify in the simplest terms what is important and how you will move the business forward. By creating a specific goal that can easily be understood and for which progress can be tracked, you are motivating and aligning your team to do the work that will move your business forward.

Create alignment, understanding, and motivation and the outcomes will come. That’s no phenomenon.